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vit-almen is a drink made of almond which, unlike other vegetable milks, stands out for its excellent flavor.

Balanced and nutritious, almond is an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean diet and a healthy alternative to milk thanks to its high content in calcium.

Both in its natural or cinnamon and lemon flavors, it wins over everybody's palate thanks to its combination of tasty natural ingredients enriched with virgin olive oil.

vit-almen is a delicious drink, natural and very beneficial to all diets and ages.

Now introducing vit-almen BIO, made of almonds from organic production and enriched with agave syrup.

No sugar added; gluten, preservative and coloring-free. It's a 100% natural vegetable drink.

Moreover, vit-almen BIO has a both strong and delicate flavor and it is a very healthyproduct, also suitable for diabetics.

vit-almen is unique in the market because:

  • It is made with balearic almonds, tastier and healthier than the rest of varieties of this fruit.
  • Virgin olive oil is used to increase its properties and its flavor as the indispensable element of the Mediterranean diet it is.
  • It does not contain lactose, gluten, cholesterol
  • No dairy products, caffeine, animal products, ingredients derived from egg or wheat are added. It is really low in sodium and does not contain artificial ingredients or colorings.
  • It helps cutting down cholesterol thanks to the small amount of soy lecithin it has.